About us

At ECAVIA , we are driven by our commitment and desire to make a positive difference to the world at large and to all our partners and clients. We see ourselves as a value-driven organisation. We are animated by our Core values - Passion, Innovation, Respect and Open-minds. We believe in enabling Disruption to facilitate positive change and we will engineer solutions in line with our mission to render a glide path to a more efficient and safe world- 'Disruption without Disruption'


Raj Tadepalli

Founder & CTO

ECAVIA ('XEVIA') was founded in 2016. Raj is a recognized expert in electrification , connectivity and autonomous vehicle technologies with a background in research and product development. A vision to bring together multi-domain, cross-functional technologies to engineer efficient and safe solutions with positive societal impact led to the creation of ECAVIA as an innovative and open Electrification , Connectivity and Intelligent Mobility solutions hub .